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The mission of Sam's Raw Truth is to communicate to others accurate nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle information that results in the greatest possible human health. Intertwined is information about human dietary evolution that builds a fundamental understanding of the human species from an adaptive perspective on human diet and gymnastic exercise tutorials that can complement a healthy lifestyle.

Should You Be Concerned About Vitamin B12?
Vitamin B12 is unique in that it is the only water soluble vitamin of which the body has the ability to store, and it is not necessary to replenish the vitamin via ingestion and absorption on a daily basis and possibly not even on a yearly basis. The body stores most of its B12 in the liver. According to the upper limit of the United States Government's Recommended Daily Allowance (which for Vit. B12 is 2-4µg/day)1 for B12 and the body’s lower limit on B12 storage ability, one could store enough vitamin B12 for nearly two years and that’s under the assumption that absolutely no B12 was consumed and absorbed during that time. read more...

Is Our Metabolism Well-Suited For Cooked Food Consumption?

The following is an excerpt from Sam's 2011 thesis paper, "A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Wrangham’s Humans 'Need Cooked Food' To Survive Hypothesis." (Richard Wrangham is a bioanthropologist at Harvard University who claims that cooking "made us human.")


While Wrangham makes a strong case for humans’ anatomical adaptations to consuming cooked food, he concedes to the fact that not much is understood about humans’ metabolic adaptations to cooked food.1 read more...